Pre conference workshops 10 September

Registration and welcome coffee

Registration and morning coffee for all sessions is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 16:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

WORKSHOP A: Secure by Design in practice

Pre-event requirements:
Basics cyber security understanding
Basics of information security management
Basics of IT architecture

Overview: Take strategic actions to evolve, anticipate and protect your organisation against cyber threats.

This in-depth learning session covers the considerations of security and privacy in every development stage of a project and how to design the security in the preparation of the design phase, the course also covers many technical controls to be designed in the architecture.

During the course of this workshop you will learn how to align your security infrastructure, policies, and procedures with today’s best practices and think long term cyber strategy. This in-depth learning session is designed for those who are serious about security and truly care about the protection of their digital assets from day one. If you are a senior information security decision-makers or a technical practitioner then this session is for you.

Course outline:

  • Highlighting best practices for cloud, data center and security strategies
  • Conceptualizing security architecture, network and cloud security
  • Managing system and information integrity
  • Understanding encryption and access control
  • Preparing for secure by design and identifying best next steps
  • Assessing data confidentiality and integrity
  • Thinking about the physical and environmental protection
  • Getting pro-acting on incident response


Carlos Valderrama
SOC Service Manager EMEA, Proficio
IoT Security Expert, European Union Agency for
Network and Information Security

WORKSHOP B: Secure by Design cyber defence

This workshop is designed for Security Consultants, Security Architects, CIOs, CISOs and Information Security Managers who would like to gain an insight into all the components that make up a Cyber Defence Centre (CDC) that delivers an Adaptive Security Architecture to enable organisations the ability to detect & respond to advanced cyber attacks. In this workshop, discover how to align workplaces to different business strategies.

Is this workshop for you:

  • Are you a forward thinking CIO, CISO, Security Manager, Consultant or Architect?
  • Are you challenged with recruiting and retaining the right security team?
  • Are you drowning in noise and false positives resulting in alert fatigue?
  • Are you ready to dump your SIEM?
  • Are you sick of wasting money on your outdated AV?
  • Did your MSSP let you down again?
  • Are you ready to consume security as an outcome?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you should not miss this session where we will blow the lid open on the failure of today’s approaches to cyber security and lay out a foundation of where you need to be to defend your network.

This workshop will cover:

  • Why are current approaches to cyber security including leading SOCs and MSSPs failing?
  • Introduction to Adaptive Threat Response including use cases and live client demo
  • Technical components that makes up a Cyber Defence Centre (CDC)
  • How to integrate intelligence in every aspect of a context aware and intelligence driven CDC

This full-day workshop is designed for those organisations who are serious about cyber security and truly care about the protection of their digital assets. If you are a decision maker and security budget influencer then this session is for you.


Carlo Minassian

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