Day Two Thursday 12 September

Registration and welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Kevin Noonan
Member, Corporate Audit and Risk Committee
Comcare & Seacare

Everyone is responsible for security
Viewing security as a shared responsibility
  • Defining DevSecOps and understanding how it works in practice
  • Striving for optimal security as a collective unit
  • Creating an environment to maximize DevSecOps
  • Working in harmony between people, process and technology

Daminda Kumara
Head of Cyber Security

Secure by Design - Plays well with others
  • Understand why organisations struggle when it comes to improving security
  • Fundamentally changing how organisations view risk management and that their systems, applications, and processes
  • Building from the ground up with a security focus to ensure they are Secure by Design

John Baird
CEO, Revio Cyber Security, Advisor, The Optus Macquarie University Cyber
Security Hub,
Chair, NSW Government Cyber Security Advisory Council

Keynote presentation - Data protection by design for consumers and companies
  • Evolving digital ethics, trust & privacy landscape
  • Building and implementing a robust data governance framework
  • Data protection through technology, policy and culture

Rachel Dixon
Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner
Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner

Morning break
Building security
Building Infrastructure and Cloud security in every phase of the development lifecycle
  • Discussing Infrastructure and Cloud services and how to secure these assets during design and ongoing throughout the lifecycle
  • Understanding Network Segmentation and how it can reduce potential threats
  • Tips to Secure by Design IT Infrastructure, Cloud, Systems and Networks


Speaker to be announced

Case study – Collaborating to reduce fraud in Australia
  • Defining an approach to reduce the growing level of online card fraud in Australia
  • Facilitating collaboration and engagement between all players in the payment industry
  • Encouraging innovation by enabling different solutions to meet the framework requirements
  • Discussing the outcomes of the framework and progress to date

Lucy Anderson
Head of Payments Innovation

Panel discussion – How to ensure that the architecture built is Secure by Design?
  • What are the architecture requirements?
  • How to build a strong security architecture into software and enterprise
  • What are the strategies to assess the effectiveness of a new security architecture?
  • What and whom can help to perform a security risk assessment?


Kevin Noonan
Member, Corporate Audit and Risk Committee
Comcare & Seacare

Panellist to be announced

Networking lunch
about the future
Painting the future of cyber security, hacking and digital privacy
  • Discussing cyber security in the next 10 years
  • Profiling the future hackers and their attacks
  • Identifying the potential new challenges and opportunities for the industry

Suelette Dreyfus
Academic Specialist, School of Computing and Information Systems,
Melbourne School of Engineering
The University of Melbourne

Strengthening the cyber resilience of the system and responsiveness to aggression
  • Highlighting the need for greater cyber resilience and its potential
  • Improving identification, protection, detection, response and recovery capabilities
  • Identifying the tools and strategies to improve cyber resilience in software and hardware

Mike Johnstone
Associate Professor
Edith Cowan University

Afternoon tea break
how to get there
Moving forward with data privacy and protection
  • Understanding that privacy is more than a human right, it’s an asset
  • Identify the macro forces setting the stage for privacy in a personal data driven economy
  • Examine how privacy by design is becoming a commercial imperative for businesses

Michael Loewy
Tide Foundation

Issac Elnekave
Tide Foundation

Understanding automation of red teaming or pen-testing
  • Defining the current doing of red teaming and pen-testing
  • Using automation to ease the process
  • What to expect from automation vulnerability assessment

Adi Ashkenazy
Chief Executive Officer
Skylight Cyber

Group discussion – Where to go from here?

Get directly involved in a thirty minutes discussion with your peers and interact with the rest of the room around pre-determine questions that the moderator will ask you to discuss for a couple of minutes. Brainstorm, share, learn and explore the future of cyber security and get a clear understanding of what the industry thinks.
Questions will include but not limited to:

  • What will cyber security look like 10 years from now?
  • What do you think will trigger the shift from passive to proactive cyber security strategy?
  • Who/what do you think will be the main barriers of Secure by Design in Australia?
  • What steps should everyone take to ensure that connected devices and systems are secured from the start?
  • What do you think should change to successfully implement Secure by Design?
  • Which technology do you think will most impact the cyber security industry?


Kevin Noonan
Member, Corporate Audit and Risk Committee
Comcare & Seacare

Panellists to be announced

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Day Two and end of the Conference